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Identity Project

Identity Project is our college ministry where students and people of college age can come together to discuss topics such as God, the purpose of people, and much more. 

Opportunities to Serve

Serving is at the heart of any Christian’s ministry, and NeoXenos is no different. Click on the link to see different opportunities to serve.

Other Sites

NeoXenos Podcasts

Home to all the fellowship’s teachings. Check out our many series and current topics. Also check us out on ITunes!

Buck The System

Learn To Live a Sensible Life through Reasonable FAITH! Here is a collection of Buck McCallum's shared memories and decades of teachings.


Home to many authors in the fellowship posting various blogs on how the Lord is involved in their lives. Check it out!

From Martha, With Love

Martha taught the Bible for over half a century until she went home to be with the Lord in 2013. Collected here you’ll find her books, teaching materials, and memorial service media.

Remonstrance, Inc.

The bulk of my life’s work, when I finally figured out nobody wins in The System. A blog by Keith McCallum.