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Adult Ministry

Adult HC

NeoXenos offers home group meetings in the Kent and surrounding areas. We believe that involvement in a home group is an important way to begin growing and to continue growing as a Christian. These groups provide a place for Christians to develop close fellowship and to learn and grow. They also help non-Christians learn more about what it means to be Christian. During the meetings, volunteers lead discussion-based Bible teachings. People will stay to discuss how the teaching relates to them afterward. Also, with a focus on building relationships in the church, people come early or stay after meetings to get to know each other and discuss how God has been impacting their lives. Some meetings will include a potluck dinner or games afterward—and on occasion pool parties in the summer! These home groups are also the launching point for serving others in the community. Many people in the home groups get involved in service ministries, such as offering Bible teachings at local retirement homes, helping refugees and immigrants in Akron, and serving at youth detention facilities.

College Ministry

HamOur college groups meet around Kent State campus. 

Identity Project is a collection of student-led Bible studies that meets on campus. We try to avoid the stereotypical church building approach —we meet on campus in dorms and classrooms to study the Bible. We don’t just lecture at you about the Bible from a pulpit—we emphasize both teachings and discussion so people can understand the Word of God on their own and form their own personal relationship with God.  The New Testament is focused on relationships, not religion. 

High School Ministry

CubedOur High School Bible Study unites students from different schools to learn about the God of the Bible.

Our high school ministry, called Cubed, consists of students from several different cities who meet weekly to study the Bible and participate in fun activities. Anyone is welcome to visit and see what we’re all about. Bible teachings are grace-centered and designed to point students towards Jesus.

A typical meeting involves a 20 to 30-minute Bible teaching followed by an exciting activity. Students are encouraged to love their friends and family and be witnesses for Christ wherever they go. Students are also given the opportunity to lead aspects of meetings, such as activity planning and teaching. Augmenting the central high school meeting are smaller groups called “cell” groups. These smaller groups give students the opportunity to participate in Bible-based discussion and relate on a deeper level.

The students resist the cliques and live in the secular world with the Bible’s message of hope. Their parties and Bible studies are always open to outsiders. From freshman to seniors, teenagers take initiative, build relationships, resolve issues at home and with peers, and build a future. Jesus gave the word on how it works:

  He sat down, called the twelve disciples over to him, and said, “Whoever wants to be first must take last place and be the servant of everyone else.”  – Mark 9:3

Middle School Ministry

AvalancheOur junior high ministry Avalanche, has a goal of learning about the personal impact Jesus makes on lives. 

Avalanche provides a fun and engaging atmosphere where Jr. High kids can learn more about the Bible and Jesus. Avalanche meets every week on Friday night, and in other smaller groups for guys and girls. They have video presentations, Bible teachings, skits, games, “Fear Factor”, overnight retreats, swimming parties, camp outs, Cedar Point, No-Talent Shows, scavenger hunts, Capture the Flag, and more!

Many in Avalanche enjoy attending a “Cell” group, which is a smaller, more interactive meeting led by adults. Since Cell Groups aren’t coed, they help in creating an environment where students can be open about their struggles. The goal of cell group is to study the Bible and build quality personal relationships with one another, which begins with Jesus.

The effect on children this age is remarkable. Many students develop leadership and teaching skills and become role models for younger kids. They also learn how to initiate relationships, build bridges with their families, and take on responsibility not only their own lives, but also for others. To see this happening among Junior High kids is a real-world fulfillment of the teachings of Jesus, and it is why so many people at Xenos love ministry.